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    Mini Cake Decorating Weekend

    It was a boring weekend. Then I remember I bought a box of pound cake mix and sprinkles. So, I took them out. I used my cake pop pan to make them into little balls~  I love that pan!  Now I can have little pieces of cake instead of a big chunk of cake, which I find hard to finish at once.

    Took me hours to decorate. The little sprinkles are just so tiny! I used my tweezers for nail art to stick the sprinkle on using white chocolate as glue.  It's so much easier to paint my nail than to stick these little sprinkles onto the little cakes.  After all the hard work, I find that the cake is toooooo sweet.  I don't like sugary/sweet desserts.  Even the plain ones that doesn't have any sprinkle on them were too sweet.  So, I ended up not eating any.  Gave them away.  Next time, I'll just make my own cake batter from scratch.  Those cake mixes they sell in stores are too sweet.



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