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    Cat Heads Nail Art with BP-X11

    Didn't like the last manicure I did.  So, redoing it with image plate BP-X11.

    These are the polishes I used.

    Polishes from left to right:
    CND - Miss Wu #571
    Elf - Misty Haze
    love and beauty - cocoa

    American Apparel - Palm Springs 36498
    Revlon - 080
    OPI - We're in the Black

    Instead of drawing directing onto my nails, I am painting it onto glossy paper that polishes won't stick to.

    While the heads are waiting to dry, I picked up some images with my clear jelly stamper and colored them in.

    When polishes on the stamper and on the paper are dried, I stamped on the faces~

    To make sure everything is fully dried, I waited about 2 hours before peelings these off and sticking it onto my nails~  DIY nail stickers. Then seal it all in with a top coat.



    1. The tutorial is so well done and the mani came out cute!


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