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    Day 2: Arriate Flower Cafe in Hongdae - Seoul, South Korea

    Just across from where we were staying, there is a floral theme cafe call Arriate.  So, we might as well check it out first thing in the morning.  A great thing about visiting early is that we were the only one there.  So, we can take as many pictures as we want without disturbing others.  There are 3 floors.  The first floor is were we purchase our drinks and then we take our tea to the 2nd or 3rd floor to sit. 

    Even the entrance is decorated with flowers.

    Everywhere we look, it's filled with dried flowers, even on the ceiling!

    The place is like a fairytale.  The scatter dried bouquet of flower can be bought as well.

    We ordered a fresh herb tea and a dried herb tea.  I personally prefer drinking the dried one.  The fresh one tasted like I was chewing weed straight from the ground.

    Arriate is at point X in Places Part 3 on the map:


    Day 1: Airbnb at Exit 9 LG Palace > Hongdae Ticketing Machine Lunch > Meerkat Cafe > Ader Gallery and Shop > Myeong Dong Chicken 678 > Seoullo 7017
    Day 2: Dumpling Soup at 교지나주곰탕 > Arriate Flower Cafe > Olympic Park and Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival > Flower Bed in Olympic Park > Rose Garden and Bingsu in Olympic Park > Lone Tree in Olympic Park > Urban Space and Urban Source > Dokkaebi Bulgogi Dongdaemun > Majo and Sady Cafe
    Day 3: BBQ for breakfast > Mint Cafe > Line Flagship Store > Swan Boat > Pork Leg > KaoKao Friends Store in Dongdae Mun > Dongdaemun Night Market > Bingsu in Hongdae > Kakao Friends in Hongdae
    Day 4: Tiramisu at AR:E Cafe > Cat Cafe > Hanbok at Gyeongbokgung > Simple Eat at Hongdae


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